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Take pleasure with artist Valentina De’ Mathà

We are pleased to feature two new works of art by artist, Valentina De’Mathà…

Hair & Wool [installation]

This is a work based on the Human Genome Project. One of the main findings of the project is that all races are equal to 99.99% I collected the hair of all ethnic groups from all over the world, using ads on major social networks like Facebook. Then I twisted and felted hair I received with sheep’s wool. Ultimately, wanted to create a structure able to collect DNA from all ethnic groups.  -VDM  (Winner of European Prize  “Research in Art” 2011, promoted by Permanent Platform of Atomium Culture)

Pleasure is a pulse which never reaches its realization, since it can be only where it cannot.

For this project, I chose two ranges, opposite in their own essence, that interact with each other in order to create a visual dialectic of being, an unremitting, private arousal of self-satisfaction and chance.  There will never be a a decisive point between the two paths of these bodies.  -VDM

See the video, now featured on See.7.

Il godimento è una tensione che non raggiunge mai la sua realizzazione, poiché può avere luogo solo quando non ha luogo.

Per questo progetto ho scelto due fasce contrapposte nella propria essenza che dialogano tra loro per dare vita, in una visione dialettica dell’essere, ad un’incessante eccitazione privata della possibilità di soddisfarsi.  Il percorso che vede questi due corpi protagonisti non avrà mai un punto risolutivo. -VDM

To learn more about Valentina de’ Mathà’s work, visit her site.


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