The discomforts of skin The scabs of life are revealed. Their presence in the world presses on the flesh, so that the surface of the skin cannot restrain the bursting interior

Drive is a project which uses symbols of repressed sexuality that feeds off the mentality of the abject deniers of life. The images reflect the Christian icons where the rabbit symbolizes the absence of reasoning just as the halo symbolizes the spirit of denial—a confrontation where the sexual drive, deprived of its rightful consciousness, is stifled in full flower in men whose grudge is characteristic of our times. This castration is the continuing source of why today people cannot be happy.
Incapable of being sufficient unto themselves people adopt the idea of an entity capable of absorbing any responsibility through the figure of God, or of surrogates of His, that help them choose not to choose a life worth living.
The nudity of the protagonist reveals a body disputed between Dionysus and Apollo as site of the self and at the same time the self’s own means of expression. As human beings we are always apprehensive about anything that might harm our body. And revealing the body can threaten our security by imposing a vulnerable intimacy. Once our defensive clothing is removed, we are left to be seen only through our physicality. This revelation of our physicality is only allowed to lovers and most people are uncomfortable in such situations. For this reason, human beings create special rituals to control nudity. In medicine, to take one example, a separate domain is set up to symbolize the transition of the body from being the site of the self to being a mere object for examination. Thus transforming the person into a patient. And disembodying the body.
Here, on the other hand, undressing is not a common gesture, arranged by custom within specific rules of interaction to assume a carefully staged façade. Life histories can’t be taken off like clothes. The protagonist does not avoid/reject the “scents” of her own life. She does not shed her skin, as if the skin were a sort of nylon stocking, to confuse and domesticate perception, to smooth away the scars of existence. Rather, she deliberately displays her body with a powerful, even raw/natural/crude vitality. The scabs of life are revealed. Their presence in the world presses on the flesh. So that the surface of the skin cannot restrain the bursting interior. And the body becomes essential to the communication of the feelings experienced.
Freud coined the term “Drive” to denote the sexual urges and the aggression as distinct from other psychological processes. The term was then changed to the German word “Trieb” and in English to “Instinct”, “Motivation” … and “Drive”. “Drive” means impulse but literally has also the meanings of “driving a car, conducting, leading…” In this case “Drive” means “Leading to deprivation, to castration… to masochism…”

© Roger Weiss


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