What’s your name? Valentina De’ Mathà
Where were you born? In Italy
What do you do? I’m a contemporary artist. I do photography, video arts, performances, painting and especially abstract photography with acids on emulsified paper.
Where do you live? In Switzerland

In this issue of Clam we are asking you to share an experience with us. Personnally, professionally, inspiring, revolting, funny or just shocking.
What lessons did you learn from this experience and did it change anything for you? I consider photography as a meeting, a mutual exchange. I invite people that I meet in the street or on the web, old friends that catch me for their particular personality. We spend a day together, we tell each other our stories and I capture with the camera what they want to be at that moment and time, what they want to say about themselves and what they want me to stop of the time being. I leave freedom of BEING and to feel free and alive. A lot of people take off their clothes, they feel light.In this project, the person depicted is a Class A soccer player. I was astonished by his colours: his complexion, his fair eyes and hair… When he came to the atelier he was pretty shy, half an hour later he was walking aroung naked without any shame. He’s a very interesting character, with a mighty framing and I focalized the photographic series exactly on his good looks: I made him run, jump… Afterwards I painted his legs with clay, I wanted to have the image of a Centaur… It was very stimulating.
How did you get the first experience for what you’re doing now? I started taking pictures at 11 years of age, when my mother gave me a camera as a gift. Every day I used to take hundreds of pictures of my friends and since then I never stopped.
Generally what have life experiences taught you?  Meetings in general, exchanges, interpersonal relations…
Finally, books or experiences, which one should be priority? I prefer to touch the fire with my fingers!

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